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Triticale - (Epiphany Craft Malt)


A hybrid developed in the 19th Century, triticale behaves like wheat while adding the rustic, savory notes more commonly associated with rye. This produces superb texture beers with just a slight savory undertone. Its extra-fibrous stock is also perfect for sour beers, allowing more homogenous flavor development in barrels/foeders. 

Arcia Triticale |  Triticale Malt | SRM 3.7-5.1 |  Plump > 2.4 mm | PPG 1.037

°Lovibond: 4.4
Max In Batch % 100%
Required To Mash Yes
Moisture % 6.4%
Extract FG, Dry Basis % 86.2%
Extract CG, Dry Basis % N/A
Extract FG/CG Difference % N/A
Yield % 86.2%
Potential ppg 1.037
Protein % 10%
Diastatic Power °Lintner 91

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