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Gleneagles Premium Peated Malt - (Crisp)

Authentic flavor for smoky malt whisky or beer. Historically, Scottish malthouses used peat as the fuel for kiln-drying malt, which added a phenolic flavor to the dried malt. We continue this tradition in our modern malting plant in Scotland; where we control the introduction of peat smoke during the kilning phase. This gives our Premium Peated Distilling Malt the distinctive flavor that characterizes many of the west coast Scottish island whiskies. This Scottish peated malt is an excellent addition to traditional and non-traditional styles alike - Scottish shilling ales and Wee Heavy, porters, stouts - where a subtle (or not-so-subtle) smoke character is sought. Avaliable in Medium phenol range: 20-35 mg/kg in special order. 

The village of Portgordon, Scotland is home to Crisp Malting Group™'s Gleneagles maltings. Located in the heart of Speyside, just miles from the storied River Spey, Gleneagles supplies malts to distilleries down the road and around the world.

All of Crisp™'s malting plants are situated in prime malting barley-producing areas. These areas have long traditions of consistently producing high quality malting barley. In most seasons Crisp is able to procure the vast majority of their requirements within a 100km radius of each plant. This means that each bag of Gleneagles Malts used in your mashbill is imbued with the heritage and quality of traditional Scottish whisky distilling.

TP: 9.7% Max
Friability: 90% Min
ST Ration: 40 - 47
Extract FG Dry: 81.5