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Imperial Yeast G01 - Stefon

This is the traditional German strain used to produce world-class Weizen beers where a big banana aroma is required. Balanced with mild clove, depending on your wort profile, this strain will produce amazing beers. Stefon will create a slightly higher level of acidity to give your beer a very crisp finish. Slightly underpitching will help increase the banana character.

TEMP: 63-73F, 17-23C



Direct Substitutions:
Omega Yeast - 021 - Hefeweizen Ale I
Wyeast 3068 - Weihenstephan Wheat

Close Substitutions:
Safale WB-06



We ship all liquid yeast in a thermal envelope with an ice pack. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will stay frozen given transit times and hot temperatures.