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Muntons Ale Yeast


Muntons brewer’s yeast has been a popular favorite for many years amongst the homebrew community worldwide, gaining an enviable reputation for its consistent healthy performance, its hardy nature, and its clean finish. Muntons brewer’s yeast is a dried brewer’s yeast that produces powdery flocculation with an apparent attenuation of 70%. The ideal fermentation temperature is between 64° – 70°F to produce an alcohol tolerance of 8% ABV. It provides low ester formation but with relatively high residual sugar giving good body and mouthfeel. Suitable for higher simple sugar ferments, such as soda or sugar adjuncted ales. 

Attenuation: High (70%)

Flocculation: Low/Medium

Usage Directions: Sprinkle directly on up to 3 gallons of wort, most standard 5 gallon batches will need two packs or more. For best results, ferment at 64-70 degrees F.