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New England IPA - (Craft A Brew)

Is the hazy New England style IPA your white whale? Leaving harsh hop bitterness ashore, this juicy NEIPA uses a generous dose of dry hops for maximum tropical flavor & aroma. The iconic haze comes from flaked oats used to create a smooth mouthfeel. This easy-drinking NEIPA is perfect for retired hop-heads and fans of Tree House’s Julius IPA. 


This 5-gallon recipe kit includes all the ingredients to brew a hazy IPA:

  • 6.25 lb Dry Malt Extract
  • Citra (Hopstand) Hop Packet
  • Mosaic (Hopstand) Hop Packet
  • Simcoe (Hopstand) Hop Packet
  • 2 Citra, Simcoe & Mosaic Blend (Dry Hop) Hop Packets
  • Steeping Grains
  • Yeast Packet
  • Grain Steeping Bag

      Recipe Sheet