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Olfaction (Aromatic) Malt - (Epiphany Craft Malt)


Olfaction is an aromatic malt - toasted and contains some diastatic power. You would want to use it like any aromatic malt - no more than about 10% of your total grist. 

At higher percentages, this flavorful and aroma-forward malt provides red color to beers. At lower percentages, it adds dimension and depth to the backbone of your brews.

When used in conjunction with Munich style, honey, or other rich melanoidin-contributing malts, the result is a deeper, more complex malt and sugar profile — the kind of beer that makes you go from “Hmm…” to “Mmmmmm…”

Contributes flavors of Deep Sticky Caramel, Dark Raisin, Dried Medjool Date
Color: 30 L

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