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Puffed Jasmine Rice


Puffed jasmine rice is perfect for achieving the classic flavor and aroma elements of Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) Rice, delivering subtle and delicate notes to the wort. Puffed Jasmine is pre-gelatinized in the puffing process, so the starches are readily hydrated and easily incorporated into the mash. Requires crushing for best result. Rice will result in a drier beer than flaked corn. Use up to 40% of the grist, bu be sure to add rice hulls if your mashes tend to stick with high doses of hull-less grains.

Puffed jasmine rice has no diastatic power meaning it must be mashed with enzymes or with malted barley or other malts with sufficient enzymatic power to convert the starches in the rice. This rice does not require a cereal mash.

Color: 1 L
Origin: Thailand