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Reconditioned Cornelius Ball Lock Keg - 5 Gallon

These are reconditioned 5-gallon capacity, ball lock corny kegs with rubber tops and bottoms (color/condition may vary).

The interior and exterior of these corny kegs are washed and rinsed and all gaskets are replaced to ensure that no soda flavor or residue is left behind. We do not replace relief valves or poppets, however, these can be purchased separately. 

Corny kegs are pressure tested and are guaranteed to be holding pressure upon delivery. If they are not holding pressure, please notify us as soon as possible.

All kegs are used and have cosmetic blemishes, i.e. minor scratches, dings, and stickers. These blemishes will not affect the functionality of the corny kegs.

The body connects should be removed for cleaning and sanitizing before every use. Soda kegs may come with either 11/16 inch body connects or 7/8 inch body connects. You will need the appropriate size deep sockets for the removal of either one. We suggest purchasing both if you do not have these at home.

Ball-lock Cornelius (corny) kegs are approximately 8.5" Diam. x 25" Height. 26 1/4" Height with gas and liquid fittings. Measurements may vary slightly.

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