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Still Spirits Alembic Copper Condenser

The Pot Still Alembic Condenser is used with the T500 Boiler or Grainfather G30 and the Pot Still Alembic Dome Top. This condenser aids in the retention of flavor rather than stripping it out by refluxing. This comes with a thermometer, tubing, and tap adaptor set. The condenser comes with a thermometer, tubing, and tap adaptor set. Dimensions: 480mm (L) x 185mm (W) x 65mm (H).

This Alembic Pot Still is comprised of this copper Alembic Condenser and the Alembic Dome Top used with the Grainfather G30 or the T500 Boiler.

These additions transform the Grainfather G30 or T500 into an Alembic Pot Still. Instead of stripping flavors to produce a clean spirit like the T500 condenser, this pot still retains and enhances flavors. This can be used when distilling washes that contain flavors that you wish to collect when making crafted spirits like whiskey, rum, and gin.

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