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Stone Pale Ale - (Craft A Brew)

From the Craft Brewer Series, this Stone Pale Ale recipe kit is more than just a collaboration - it is honoring a legacy. Proud to bring Stone Pale Ale out of retirement and into your kitchen. This malt-forward pale ale features toffee and caramel notes balanced beautifully by restrained hop flavor from Columbus and Ahtanum hops.


This 5-gallon recipe kit includes all the ingredients to brew your own Stone Pale Ale:

  • 6.25 lb Dry Malt Extract
  • Columbus (Bittering) Hop Packet
  • Ahtanum (Flavoring) Hop Packet
  • Ahtanum (Flameout) Hop Packet
  • Steeping Grains
  • Yeast Packet
  • Grain Steeping Bag

                            Recipe Sheet