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Whole Cone Hops


U.S. grown whole-cone (aka leaf hops) are kiln-dried and compressed hop cones that embody the specific qualities of the particular variety along with the unique characteristics resulting from their field of growth, growing season, and farm conditions. Whole cone hops are less processed and express some of their more delicate and pungent aromatics better than their pelletized counterparts. 

Usage: Kettle, whirlpool, hop back, or dry hopping. Whole cone hops are as versatile as pellets. They will soak up a bit more beer/wort so do plan accordingly. They can clog pumps if not screened or filtered out before the pump inlet. 

Whole cone hops require an additional 10-15% more by weight for similar bittering properties to pellets. Pellets have a higher surface area and will release their bittering acids more readily. Most brewing software will take this into account.