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April 25, 2021 3 min read

We're happy to announce that we are offering CO2 bottle fills for all 2.5#, 5#, and 10# in-date CO2 tanks here at the shop. It's not an item you can purchase online since we charge by the actual weight we can put into your bottle. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Show up anytime during pickup hours, and call us when you arrive
  2. We collect the tank from you at your vehicle
  3. We fill and weigh the tank
  4. We bring you a full tank and collect payment at your vehicle (credit card only at this time)

That's it! We are trying to make this as easy as possible for you while making sure we can deliver a safe and convenient shopping experience. We're flexible and this process can evolve over time but for now this is the procedure. 

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the process.

Q: What does "in-date" on a tank mean? 

A: All pressure tanks must be regularly tested and certified to hold pressures. Initially tanks are given 5 years from date of manufacture. You tank will have this stamped near the top of the tank and look something like this: 01A21. This means the tank was manufactured or certified in January of 2021. The letter may be different, but most follow this pattern of identification. Initial certifications and recertifications are good for 5 years.

Q: My tank has multiple certification stamps on it - what does it mean? 

A: Multiple stamps reveal the tank has been re-certified or tested at least once. Use the most recent date and count out 5 years to determine if your tank is in-date.

Q: My CO2 tank is out of date, what do I do now? 

A: We don't currently have a way to handle this here in-house but we recommend that you go to a local supplier for a tank exchange. They will charge a testing fee and give you a full tank that is tested and certified. We like Terry Supply. 

Q: How much do you charge for a CO2 tank fill? 

A: We charge $3.75/lb for whatever we can get into your tank. We do not utilize a pump (because they are VERY expensive) and rely on pressure to do the job. This way we will never charge you for gas you don't receive.

Q: Last time you could only fill my tank halfway! What gives? 

A: A cold tank will take more gas than a warm one. Bring your tank to us as cold as possible and we'll generally fill it most of the way up. Sometimes we have to switch supply tanks mid-fill and we can't get anymore gas to go in your bottle. Most cold tanks will take about 80-90% of what they are rated for - e.g. a 5# tank will take 4-4.5# of gas in ideal conditions. 

Q: Can I drop off my tank and pick it up later? 

A: Absolutely. We'll get it good and cold first then fill it for you to have ready when you need it. 

Q: Do you fill Sodastream or paintball tanks? What about sizes you don't mention?  

A: We do not fill Sodastream bottles or paintball tanks. As a general rule we can fill any size tanks (generally) that have a CGA 320 connection that have an in-date certification. Larger tanks become very expensive and we recommend swapping any tanks 20 lbs and up at a gas supply house. Our minimum charge is 2#. 

Q: What are your pickup hours? 

A: Monday - Wednesday 10 AM to 5 PM; Thursday & Friday 10 AM to 6 PM; and Saturdays 9 AM to 12 PM. These hours are subject to change without warning so you can call ahead to be sure. 

Q: I use CO2 to fill my Jeep tires - can you sell me a lower grade gas for cheaper? 

A: We really can't carry more than one kind of CO2 so we go for the "food grade" gas. Bonus is that you could gas up the keg or jockey box after everyone gets back with no worries!