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Aluminum Gas Manifold - 1/4" Flare (KOMOS)


If you are connecting multiple kegs to your gas supply a manifold is the best way to distribute that gas and give you the flexibility to have much more individual control over your dispensing.

This KOMOS manifold features 1/4" flare gas inlet and check valves that provide the ability to choose the types of connectors and sizes you will use to connect your gas lines. You can use 1/4" or 5/16" barbed swivel adapters or a Duotight connection. Each connection has its own ball valve for complete control over the distribution of gas. 


  • 1/4" Flare connections
  • 1/4" BSP ball valves
  • Rated to 100 psi
  • Wall mount holes
  • Constructed with aluminum, stainless steel, and brass

Overall Length:
2-way 5.25"
3-way 7.25"
4-way 9.25"

The above measurements are from the tip for the brass flare inlet to the plug on the opposite end. Each manifold measures approximately 3.5" from the mounting holes to the tip of the valve.

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