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BrewBelt Bucket/PET Fermenter Heating Belt

The BrewBelt™ is an adjustable heating belt that wraps around a 7-7.5 U.S. gallon (27-30 L) plastic pail or a 6 U.S. gallon (23 L) single-stage PET fermenter. It will maintain 6 U.S. gallons (23 L) of fermenting beverage at a constant brewing temperature, approximately 75-80 ºF (23-27 ºC) for a period of up to 8 days. 

Sometimes you need to add a little heat to your ferments, and this is a perfect companion for those of you looking to ramp up temperatures on larger batches. Pair it with a temperature controller and enjoy more control over the temperature of your brew. 

Use for:
Kveik Yeast
Maintaining different temperatures in your fermentation chamber (requires a separate controller)

Not for use on glass or metal fermenters.