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Chinook (Michigan Grown)


Origin: Washington, USA. Developed by the USDA breeding program and released in 1985 as a high-alpha variety, Chinook eventually found traction among craft brewers as a unique aroma and flavor hop. Its ancestry includes Petham Golding and USDA 63012.

Usage: Dual purpose. Thanks to its high alpha content and moderate cohumulone, Chinook delivers potent, distinct bitterness and is suitable for any part of the kettle.

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Michigan Chinook is known for being more fruit-forward while retaining that classic Chinook character you know. Expect resinous grapefruit, pineapple, & apricot notes with this lot. 

Alpha Acid:10 - 12%
Beta Acid: 3 – 4%
Total Oil:1.8 - 2.2 mL/100g