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Sultana™ (Formerly Denali/Experimental #06277)

Sultana™’s popularity stems from its huge aroma and flavor profile, as it exhibits big, fruity, ripe pineapple notes, bright citrus, and a subtle hint of pine. If you’ve ever cracked open a fresh can of pineapple chunks, you can get a pretty good guess of what Sultana™’s aroma profile is like.

The parentage of Sultana™ is 50% Nugget, 25% Zeus, and 25% USDA male, which lend great aroma characteristics in combination with resistance against disease. All of our proprietary varieties are bred to withstand the tests of time, with a focus on superior sustainable properties. And Sultana™ is no exception. Sultana™ is a late-maturing hop variety with high yields, unique aroma, and great agronomical attributes.

When deciding on what to name this variety, we looked to the impressive Alaskan Range for inspiration. We wanted to find something as big and bold as the cones and flavor this hop produced. We found a mountain known to the Athabascans and original inhabitants of Alaska as “Sultana” – which means the woman. Sultana is one of the largest peaks in the continental US and is the perfect fit for this enormous hop.

Alpha Acid:13 – 15%