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Digital Mini Pressure Gauge (0-90 PSI)

Do you love accuracy and ease? Get instant and accurate reads on your head and gas pressures with this digital pressure gauge. Quickly upgrade the analog pressure gauge on the Core 360 Mini CO2 Regulator, BlowTie 2 Spunding Valve, or Duotight In-Line Regulator with this digital gauge. The wide 0-90 PSI range makes this gauge extremely versatile across applications. 

  • Fast, accurate readings 
  • Easy to read backlit display
  • Long battery life

Traditional, mechanical analog gauges have difficulty with accurate readings in small form factors. Larger gauges do not have the same issues since there is plenty of room for the components to operate accurately. With very small gauges such as a 1” x 1” Mini Gauge, it's difficult to make them better than 10% accuracy due to the simple space constraints. This is where a digital unit makes the most sense.

These gauges are compatible With:

  • BlowTie 2 Spunding Valve
  • Duotight In-Line Regulator w/ Gauge
  • Core 360 Mini CO2 Regulator


  • Battery Life: More than 2 years (using the mini gauge once a day)
  • Battery Type: CR2032
  • Auto Battery Saver: automatically turns off after 15 sec
  • Size: 27mm x 27mm (1" x 1")
  • Radial O-ring Stem: 7.8mm Bore

Please note: This gauge is not suitable for measuring pressure of liquids.  It is only for measuring gas pressure.  If liquid gets into the pressure transducer it will damage the gauge.

WARNING: Do not exceed gauge pressure. Exceeding the pressure range will damage the gauge.

About Duotight FittingsDuotight fittings are very high-quality, high-performance push-in fittings that use a double EPDM seal to ensure a solid, leak-free connection under a variety of situations. This makes it very easy to swap fittings and lines without clamps or fear of leaks.

To ensure a leak-proof seal, please cut tubing as squarely as possible, using a razor or very sharp knife. We recommend the Tube Cutter w/ Duotight Removal Tool for this. 

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