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Dual Body CO2 Regulator - (KOMOS)

The KOMOS Dual Body CO2 Regulator is perfect for serving two different beers at two different pressures using a single CO2 tank. This beefy, industrial-grade regulator will serve you well for years to come. The robust dual-body and precision diaphragms provide high flow rates, and the pressures can be easily and precisely adjusted with the hand dials. Extra thick stainless gauges come with rubber bumpers for added protection. The dial faces are triple-scaled to read in psi, bar, and kPa.

The PRVs are rated to 65 psi (4.5 bar) for added safety while in use. Comes with male flare thread outlets with included 1/4" barb and nut. Easily swap out the barbs to a different size if desired. On the back of the regulator, body are three M6 screw holes for mounting (screws not included).

It also comes standard with Duotight Adapters, allowing for quick connection of EVABarrier draft tubing for a solid, yet easy-to-change, way of connecting gas line. Add Duotight Tees to easily split the line to multiple kegs. 

NOTE: This is a solidly built and heavy regulator. It will need to be mounted or supported if attached to a 5 lb or smaller CO2 cylinder or it will tip and could damage the regulator.