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Duotight Push-In Fitting - 8mm OD In-Line Regulator w/ Pressure Gauge

This Duotight fitting will connect to an 8mm OD EVABarrier line and will adjust the pressure on both liquid and gas. This is great for setting individual keg serving pressures or making adjustments to flow without affecting the rest of your setup. Can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Functions from 0-150 PSI. The included gauge ranges from 0-60 PSI but can be swapped for gauges with different ranges. Mountable. 

About Duotight FittingsDuotight fittings are very high-quality, high-performance push-in fittings that use a double EPDM seal to ensure a solid, leak-free connection under a variety of situations. This makes it very easy to swap fittings and lines without clamps or fear of leaks.

To ensure a leak-proof seal, please cut tubing as squarely as possible, using a razor or very sharp knife. We recommend the Tube Cutter w/ Duotight Removal Tool for this. 

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