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Duotight Push-In Fitting - 8mm OD x 1/4" BSP/MPT

This Duotight fitting will connect 8mm OD EVABarrier line and 1/4" BSP/FPT threads. The included o-ring will create an airtight seal with 1/4" FPT fittings that you can find on manifolds, regulators, and other connectors without the need for Teflon/PTFE tape. 

About Duotight FittingsDuotight fittings are very high-quality, high-performance push-in fittings that use a double EPDM seal to ensure a solid, leak-free connection under a variety of situations. This makes it very easy to swap fittings and lines without clamps or fear of leaks.

To ensure a leak-proof seal, please cut tubing as squarely as possible, using a razor or very sharp knife. We recommend the Tube Cutter w/ Duotight Removal Tool for this. 

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