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EVABarrier Double Wall Draft Tubing


If you are looking for a better way to set up your home draft system, this product may be perfect for you. EVABarrier is a double-walled tubing that provides:

  • Superior oxygen barrier protection - keeps your beer fresh-tasting for longer
  • Bacterial and microbial growth inhibition - prevents bugs from taking hold and causing off-flavors
  • CO2 loss reduction - keep your beer at the perfect carbonation level you set and avoid foamy pours

The double-wall construction brings a number of advantages as well. The outer barrier is made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) material and allows the tubing to maintain pliability while being stiff enough to resist kinking and allow for enough flexibility to run in tight spaces like kegerator towers and keezers.  The stiffness also makes these perfect for use with Doutight, John Guest, or other push-in fittings and connections. 

The inner barrier is made from a polymer that has exceptional gas barrier properties - keeping your beer fresh tasting and carbonated even as it sits in the line. 

This tubing contains no plasticizers, BPA, or phthalates that can leech into your beer. The inner lining is so smooth that microbes have a very hard time establishing on the surface and getting a foothold in your lines. 

The flexibility to easily remove and replace this line with Duotight fittings makes it quick and painless to swap lengths if you need to serve certain beverages at higher or lower pressures. We've found that 5-6' is plenty for serving at the most common carbonation levels. 

It has performed very well in our draft setups so far and will be what we use going forward. 

NOTE: To ensure a leak-proof seal, please cut tubing as squarely as possible, using a razor or very sharp knife. We recommend the Tube Cutter w/ Duotight Removal Tool for this.