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Origin: USA. Galena was bred in 1968 from an open pollination of an unknown male with Brewers Gold. Released in 1978, it continues to enjoy success as a multipurpose high-alpha variety.

Usage: Given its high alpha and crop yield, Galena is most often found as a classic bittering hop, in much the same vein as Nugget and its descendants. As a finishing hop, it is sought after for its clean, citrus character.

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Mild to moderate, with a surprisingly pleasant tropical citrus quality. Later additons may add black currant notes.It canhave a slightly “rustic” edge which belies its Brewers Gold ancestry.

Alpha Acid: 11.5 – 13.5%
Beta Acid: 7.2 – 8.7%
Total Oil: .9 – 1.3 mL/100g