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Grainfather GCAST

WiFi connectivity comes to the Grainfather G30.

Introducing the GCAST. Upgrade the connection on your Grainfather G30 to Wi-Fi by connecting the GCAST to your G30 controller and break free from Bluetooth range limitations. Improve your brewing experience with the G30 and the Grainfather App with a more reliable and stable Wi-Fi connectivity, without the need for a new controller.

  • Connect your G30 to a Wi-Fi connection and manage your brew remotely through the Grainfather App
  • Avoid losing connection with your Grainfather G30 with WiFi signal strength and stability
  • View live Tilt Hydrometer data from anywhere and log it to your brew session with no additional hardware or complex set-up
  • Sleek, multi-textured design, that can be attached to any magnetic surface
  • Easy to set up and use through the Grainfather App
  • Backed by Grainfather's outstanding 3-year warranty

What's Included

  • GCAST unit
  • 1 - 3.3' (1m) Micro USB cable (USB-A power supply not included)


SIZE: 45 x 45mm (1.8 x 1.8”)

WEIGHT: 30g (1.1oz)

POWER: Input voltage: 5V | Current: 0.8A