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Hüll (Huell) Melon


Origin: Germany. Bred by the Hop Research Center of Hüll, this new variety is a daughter of Cascade released in 2012. Also called Huell Melon or Hull Melon. 

Usage: Aroma. Hüll Melon’s (aka Huell/Hull Melon) unique but mellow fruit character makes it a good choice for styles where overpowering hop flavor may not be warranted. It melds well with the yeast character of Hefeweizen and Belgian ales, but can also work as a standalone hop as a feature of a summer seasonal or Brett fermentation.

Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Mild to moderate with vivid impressions of summer melon (especially honeydew) and ripe strawberry bouquet. 

Alpha Acid: 6.9 – 7.5%
Beta Acid: 7.3 – 7.9%
Total Oil: .7 - .9 mL/100g