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Lallemand - LalBrew® Windsor™ Ale Yeast

LalBrew® Windsor™ ale yeast is a true English strain that produces a balanced fruity aroma and imparts a slight fresh yeasty flavor. Beers created with Windsor are usually described as full-bodied, fruity English ales. Brewers choose LalBrew® Windsor to produce beers that range from Pale Ale to Porter with moderate alcohol levels and the flavor and aroma characteristics of the best traditional ales.

BEER STYLES Milds, Bitters, Irish Reds, English Brown ales, Porters, and Sweet Stouts

AROMA fruity, familiar British ester profile


FERMENTATION RANGE 15 - 22°C (59 - 72°F)



In Lallemand’s Standard Conditions Wort at 20°C (68°F) LalBrew® Windsor yeast exhibits:

  • Vigorous fermentation can be completed in 3 days
  • Medium attenuation and Low flocculation
  • Fruity and Estery flavor and aroma, typical of traditional English style ales

The optimal temperature range for LalBrew® Windsor yeast when producing traditional styles is 15°C(59°F) to

Windsor does not utilize the sugar maltotriose (a molecule composed of 3 glucose units).

Maltotriose is present in wort in an average of 10-15% of all-malt worts. The result will be a fuller body and residual sweetness in the beer. Be advised to adjust mash temperatures according to the desired result.