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PET Bottles - 500mL - Case of 24

Step away from the capper! 

PET bottles offer a simple and convenient solution for bottling your brews! 

Made from food-grade PET plastic, the same plastic used to hold sodas, bottled water, and more, these amber-colored bottles are shaped to resemble a traditional beer bottle but hold 16.9 oz of your favorite beverage. That means fewer bottles, less time, and fewer headaches (from the bottling anyway)! 

These are a great way to package beer or other carbonated beverages for a quick hike, a day at the beach, golf, disc golf, homebrew club meetings, or wherever you’d enjoy a tasty homemade beverage. Light, tough, reusable, and safer than glass bottles, these PET bottles are a must for all beverage makers.

  • 24 Food Grade PET plastic, re-useable bottles
  • Includes reusable 28mm caps
  • Easy to use. A great alternative to traditional glass bottles
  • No need for a capping tool
  • Lighter than glass so easier and safer to transport
  • Bottles pressure rated to 28 psi, suitable for a wide range of carbonated beverages.