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Plastic Carbonation and Line Cleaning Cap - Ball Lock


This plastic ball lock cap features soda bottle threads, allowing you to convert any plastic soda bottle into a convenient growler. The cap is compatible with both ball lock gas and liquid disconnects, so you can charge the PET bottle before you leave the house and dispense it on the go. Attach 3/16" or 1/4" ID tubing to the barb to serve as your dip tube and you're all set!

These caps also work great for quickly and conveniently cleaning your draft lines. Mix up a small batch of line cleaning solution in a soda bottle, attach the ball lock cap, and then connect it to your beverage line. Place a bucket below your tap to catch the cleaning solution and open your faucet. Then simply turn the bottle upside down and squeeze it to push the solution through your line and out the faucet. You can also choose to pressurize the bottle first, but squeezing the solution through is just as effective.

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