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Servomyces Yeast Nutrient - 12 grams

Servomyces is a naturally enriched single-strain brewing yeast that is used as a biological yeast nutrient. The propagation and drying process of Servomyces has been specifically designed to accumulate a range of trace minerals and elements that are essential or limiting during alcoholic fermentation.

Minerals, when incorporated into some sort of living tissue, are more efficacious than when presented as a salt. Servomyces D50 presents better bio-availability of zinc, which is a very important factor in yeast nutrition. Servomyces D50 can decrease fermentation time significantly and improve yeast sedimentation. It stimulates the uptake of maltose and maltotriose, depending on the brewing strain, which results in higher alcohol yields. Also stimulates protein synthesis and yeast growth, which leads to higher biomass production during propagation. Servomyces D50 eliminates harsh sulfur notes and produces a smoother more balanced beer.


A single strain of brewing yeast, naturally enhanced with trace minerals. 


0.01 g Serrvomyces per liter of wort for fermentation or 0.2g for a 5-gallon batch
0.02 g Servomyces per liter of wort for propagation/starters. 


Add to kettle 10-15 minutes prior to the end of the boil.


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