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Stainless Steel Sanke D-Style Coupler w/ PRV - (KOMOS)

The KOMOS D-Style coupler is built for use with the most common commercial domestic Sanke kegs sold in the USA. The stainless steel body and probe construction are built to last. The coupler comes without fittings so it can be adapted to suit your setup.

The coupler is shipped without gas-IN or liquid-OUT connections so you can fit it out exactly how you want it. Maybe you like a larger gas line and smaller beer line—no problem. You have the flexibility to choose between traditional barbed tailpieces or the new, easy-to-use duotight push-in connectors. If you switch between Cornelius style homebrew kegs and commercial Sanke kegs often ball lock quick disconnect adapters are a great option. 

During assembly, insert the rubber "duck bill" check valve into the side gas-IN port. The check ball and ball retainer are placed in the top liquid-OUT port.

The included Green Cornelius keg-style PRV is rated at 4.5 BAR (65 psi). It can be swapped out with PRVs with a higher or lower pressure rating if desired.

Always check the pressure rating of your keg before swapping PRVs.

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