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White Labs Ultra-Ferm

A liquid amyloglucosidase that completely hydrolyzes dextrins into fermentable glucose. This enzyme can be added to the brewhouse or the fermentor. 

Directions: Add into your mash during the mashing-in or directly after mashing-in. For use in your fermenter, it is recommended to add to chilled wort before or directly after pitching your yeast (if used in the fermentor, it may remain active.) 
Dosage: 10mL for 20L/5 gallons of wort/mash


  • The optimal mash temperature range for Ultra-Ferm is 131-140°F (55-60°C). The optimal temperature is 140°F (60°C). Lower temperatures require higher dosing rates.
  • Amyloglucosidase activity is completely destroyed when the saccharified liquor is held at (185F) 85°C for 10 minutes. 
  • Higher gravity and lower diastatic power mashes require higher dosage rates.
  • Recommended mash times are between 1-4 hours. For shorter mash times, use higher dosing rates.