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Omega Yeast OYL-071GF - Lutra Kveik (Gluten-Free)

***LAST CHANCE*** This yeast is being discontinued for the new dry Gluten-Free version of Lutra you can find here.

This yeast is a GAME-CHANGER for brewers without temperature-controlled fermenters. Clean & fast you can cover a lot of styles where a neutral yeast is best suited. This particular version of Lutra is GLUTEN-FREE, but we cannot guarantee the package has not come in contact with gluten in transit or in our shop. 

Isolated from Hornindal Kveik (OYL-091) culture, Lutra Kveik Gluten-Free is shockingly clean with unrivaled speed when pitched at 90°F (32°C). This strain is perfect for brewing a gluten-free hard seltzer, alcopop, mead, cider, or even a refreshing pseudo-lager!

Lutra GF is propagated using 100% gluten-free raw materials and in adherence to FDA regulations for gluten-free labeling.

Ingredients: water, yeast, dextrose, and yeast extract

Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik
Flocculation: Medium-High
Attenuation: 75-82%
Temperature Range: 68–95° F (20–35° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: 11%


We ship all liquid yeast in a thermal envelope with an ice pack. However, it is difficult to guarantee that the ice packs will stay frozen given transit times and hot temperatures.